Two months with OS X: A Windows user’s tale

I recently landed a great job at a local web development company, Niche Studio, and I’m loving it. What I’m not loving so much are the PCs. They’re Apple Macs, and other than occasionally using one when visiting someone, I haven’t had any serious contact with the Mac OS.

So when starting my new position, it seemed a great opportunity to document my progress with this alien operating system. Being an experienced Windows user (if I do say so myself) may have prepared me a little. (more…)

I have a different password for everything. And I couldn’t tell you even one.

2016 Update, 5 years later: I would recommend using a password manager instead (I use KeePass).

Everybody knows you should have a different password for everything. But hardly anyone does. It’s not that they don’t want to, it’s just because they can’t remember them.

Now I’m not claiming to have invented the method I use, but I’m advocating its use. It’s a way of remembering a password in such a way that I couldn’t recite it to you even if I wanted to. It also makes passwords far more secure by looking like random letters and numbers (I say “looking like” because it’s not actually random, as you’ll see below). I don’t need to store these passwords in an application, I don’t have a master password that generates them. I just use the keyboard. (more…)

CSV Parser in JavaScript

Today I needed to process a CSV file, filtering items into two separate lists while expanding certain comma separated cells.
Since this needed to be done often and by several people, I decided to use JavaScript, the FileReader API and WebWorkers, all hosted on a local server.

But JavaScript has no CSV parser, so I set out making one. (more…)

New Site!

A new domain, a new theme, I can see I’m going to like it here.